Fondation Latsis

The Fondation Latsis Internationale is a non-profit, public benefit Foundation established in 1975, which has been awarding Latsis Prizes in Switzerland since 1983. The four University Latsis Prizes, each worth CHF 25’000, and the National Latsis Prize of CHF 100’000 are awarded annually. Their purpose is to encourage and recognise outstanding work by young researchers under the age of 40 working within the Swiss higher education system.

The University Latsis Prizes are awarded by the Universities of Geneva and Saint-Gall and by the Ecoles Polytechniques FÈdÈrales of Zurich (EPFZ) and Lausanne (EPFL). The laureates are selected by the Research Commissions of each institution, or in the case of the University of Geneva, by an ad hoc Committee presided by the Rector. Applications must be submitted directly to these bodies.
The laureate of the National Latsis Prize is selected by the Research Commission of the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Two annual symposia are organized by the Ecoles Polytechniques FÈdÈrales of Zurich (EPFZ) and of Lausanne EPFL), with financial support of CHF 50,000 each from the Latsis Foundation. The Foundation also supports a biennial colloquium organized by the University of Geneva.