Sustainable Finance Geneva

Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG) is an association that establishes Geneva as the center for innovation in sustainable finance by engaging individuals and harnessing collective intelligence.

In 2008, some fifteen professionals decided to join forces and launch an exchange platform where stakeholders in the Geneva ecosystem could meet: this led to the creation of SFG. These professionals share the conviction that Geneva is in a unique position to promote innovation and development in sustainable finance. Their non-profit organization has strong convictions and aims to bring together a variety of personalities and expertise in complementary areas such as asset management, investment funds, microfinance, international organizations, ESG analysis and philanthropy.

Sustainable Finance Geneva now leads the way from Geneva, as the key global platform for sustainable finance. It not only enables an ongoing dialogue between all local organizations, it also promotes Geneva and Switzerland as a center for sustainable finance. Major projects have been successfully completed over the last five years, thanks to the strength of its ever-growing network and the remarkable commitment of its members.

Beyond the regular information and studies the organization produces on various themes related to sustainable finance, SFG has organized numerous conferences and discussions with national and international experts.

Synergies between the organization’s members enable new initiatives and reflect the ideal environment for innovation provided by Geneva and the SFG platform.