Swiss Finance Institute

Through research, education, and knowledge transfer of the highest caliber, Swiss Finance Institute (SFI) strengthens the Swiss financial marketplace.

SFI strives for excellence in research and doctoral training, knowledge transfer, and continuing education in the fields of banking and finance, in line with Switzerland’s international reputation as a leading financial center.

Created in 2006 as a public–private partnership, SFI is a common initiative of the Swiss finance industry, leading Swiss universities, and the Swiss Confederation. The institute is organized across three centers: the SFI Léman Center at the universities of Geneva and Lausanne, and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL); the SFI Lugano Center at the University of Lugano; and the SFI Zurich Center at the University of Zurich and ETHZ.

SFI believes that promoting and encouraging sustainable finance is essential for the future of the Swiss financial center. As a research and education institute, SFI is fully aware of the importance of sustainability to ensure excellence and therefore supports Professors carrying out research that places an emphasis on the social and environmental aspects of economic investments such as corporate and social responsibility, environmentally conscious investments, sustainable development, and corporate governance. These subfields of finance are gaining momentum worldwide and being a leader in these subfields enhances Switzerland’s attractiveness as a financial center.

SFI’s global academic network and its proximity to the industry place it in a unique position from which to combine thought leadership and industry experience:

  • SFI attracts leading minds in finance to Swiss universities, unites outstanding professors and doctoral students to form Switzerland’s largest finance research group, and makes top research accessible to the industry.
  • Through its education programs, SFI nurtures a highly qualified talent pool in banking and finance. From programs for industry ‘high-potentials’ and senior executives to doctoral training, SFI raises the level of financial competencies in Switzerland.
  • In an ongoing dialogue between experienced practitioners and researchers, SFI fosters interaction and stimulates thought leadership, which directly impact the future of finance.