Swiss Finance Institute

Swiss Finance Institute (SFI) is the national center for fundamental research, doctoral training, knowledge exchange, and continuing education in the fields of banking and finance. SFI’s mission is to grow knowledge capital for the Swiss financial marketplace. Created in 2006 as a public–private partnership, SFI is a common initiative of the Swiss finance industry, six leading Swiss universities, and the Swiss Confederation to keep the Swiss banking and finance industry at the top of its field. SFI is the only national center uniting, under one roof, world-class researchers in six partner universities from across Switzerland:

  • the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne;
  • the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich;
  • the Università della Svizzera italiana;
  • the University of Geneva;
  • the University of Lausanne;
  • and the University of Zurich.

The most valuable asset of any industry is the expertise of its labor force—its knowledge capital. For Switzerland to maintain its position as a leading financial center, such capital must continue to grow throughout the financial marketplace. SFI contributes by providing forward-thinking ideas and by connecting key players. Fundamental research such as in the area of sustainable finance (e.g., social and environmental aspects of economic investments such as corporate and social responsibility, environmentally conscious investments, sustainable development, and corporate governance) by SFI professors plants the seeds for new financial ideas and provides fertile ground for innovation. Since 2006, SFI professors have published more than 100 articles on banking and finance in top-level academic journals. And they have shared their results with all sectors of the finance industry, through university classes, public workshops, and continuing education programs. Talent alone is not sufficient—it must be cultivated. By disseminating knowledge, SFI reveals the value of fundamental research and allows financial talent to grow. SFI’s events, workshops, publications, and continuing education programs boost the competency of all members of the financial marketplace. SFI professors expose bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD students at SFI partner universities to the latest thinking in banking and finance. SFI fosters knowledge exchange between practitioners and academics, enabling researchers to get early feedback on their projects, and practitioners to have timely access to the expertise of the SFI faculty. Along the way, SFI helps educate the Swiss public on the workings of the financial sector. The Swiss banking and finance industry profits from the expertise created by SFI, embodied by the thousands of graduates from our continuing education activities and the Finance programs of our partner universities, as well as the thousands of readers of our publications and participants at our events and workshops.

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